Andreas Ervik (b. 1987), based in Oslo, Norway.

MA in Aesthetic studies, University of Oslo, 2015.
BA in Aesthetic studies, University of Oslo, 2012.

- Podium, Oslo (upcoming)

(solo, online) - Palais de Beaux Arts, Vienna
Swimminal Poolitics
(online) - Dis Magazine, US
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#vaporfolk #hollyvoodoo
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Formation Center
- Toves, Copenhagen
#WEC (Whole Earth Catalyst)
- Composing Rooms, Berlin

(solo, online) - Open Your Kimono, UK
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Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh
Bring Your Own Plant -
Wizard Gallery, Oslo

Royal Garden 5
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Multinatural Histories -
Harvard's Museum of Natural History, US
Blog Re-Blog
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The Sunday Curators
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Sight Unseen, NYC
Brand Innovations for Ubiquitous Authorship
- Carroll/Fletcher, London
Intimate Knowledge
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After School Special: Følsomme gutter 3 -
Landmark, Bergen, Norway
An Arrangement in White
- XO Gallery, Leeds, UK
Decenter Armory
(online) - Abrons Arts Center, NYC

Installation views
- New Capital Projects, US
The Jogging: Re:Mixology
- Stadium NYC, US
-  Revison Arts, NYC
Learning to Love my Life as a Non-Player Character 
(solo) - Wizard Gallery, Oslo

Magic Potion
(solo) - Oslo
Philophopherph Phone
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Highlike Book

Disturber Issue 3:Still Life -
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Bad Thoughts -
Metal Postcard, Australia
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Learning to Love my Life as a Non-Player Character -
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O Fluxo 01: Circulating Forms of Reality -
Skyway (s/t)
- US
Pretty Ugly: Visual Rebellion in Design
- Gestalten Verlag, Germany
Cuticle: Mother Rhythm Earth Memory
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Traum Noir #3-4 -

HidDeN FOoT no. 1
- Bergen Kunsthall, Norway
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Posted June 25th. 2015:
For the group show klapaucius:;:;:;:;:;:;:; the contributing artists were asked to treat the gallery as their server, and upload their art to the gallery. For my piece I gave the gallery instructions to produce kombucha.

Kombucha is a drink made by adding symbiotic cultures (or biofilms) of bacteria and yeast (scobys) to sweetened tea.

Read more about kombucha, the piece and see more images here.
Posted November 8th. 2014:
Posted January 7th. 2015:
In the Nordic online art journal Kunstkritikk, Hannah Heilmann named my project Sanke as one of the best artworks of 2014. Heilmann is co-director of the Danish gallery Toves. The Danish text can be read in full here. Here is an extract:

"Sanke er det gamle ord for at indsamle, ude i skoven, eller på marken efter den er mejet af en godhjertet sjusket landmand - et passende navn til denne affirmativt affirmerende måske-subversion af New Nordic-fænomenet. Der er slanke seriffer, statements, vand med velmenende mikrober og antidepressiv jordbakterie-udveksling i post-apokalyptiske chokolade-pilespidser. Alt sammen til små overpriser, hvor alle vordende (kunst)samlere kan være med."
Posted January 19th. 2015:
As one of four presenters I will be talking at an event hosted by Green Artists Norway. The presentations will explore eco art from different perspectives. Green Artists write about the event:

"The existential seriousness of the climate crisis is something more and more artists takes hold of, without necessarily calling themselves "eco-artist." The field is vast and multifaceted. In recent years we have seen that many work with projects and exhibitions related to environment and ecology. Artistic expressions used are often interdisciplinary and genre-breaking, where dissemination of knowledge is important. Often used various forms of documentation. Collaboration with researchers occurs in several projects. Land art, installation art, relational projects, material-based art, photography and video art are prominent, and expressions vary between poetic lingering political activism."

I will be focusing on my project SANKE, and talk about how an why images and language from luxury brands can be used to generate attention to nature and ecology.

The program will be presented at Atelier Nord, on January 28th, from 19.00-22.00. See the Facebook page for more details.
Taking part in #WEC (Whole Earth Catalyst) at The Composing Rooms, Berlin, opening 4:30pm Saturday 11th April 2015. The exhibition runs until the 25th of April.

Artists include: Andreas Ervik, Carson Fisk-Vittori, Ella Görner, Aaron Graham, Tue Greenfort, Joey Holder, Daniel Keller, Rachel Lord, Stephen Nachtigall, Marjetica Potr
č with others TBA.

"#WEC: Whole Earth Catalyst derives its name from the Whole Earth Catalogue a pre internet go-to, published between 1968 and 1972, which had an editorial focus on self-sufficiency, ecology, alternative education, DIY, and holism, using the slogan "access to tools".

A series of talks and exhibition of artworks will take place on an evolving basis, touching on the above mentioned topics with neo-quasi-branded updates such as: #biohacking, #biopunks, #smartcities, #awareaesthetics and #ecotising.

#WEC is a project initiated by artist Ella Görner and formed in collaboration with The Composing Rooms with help from Charlottenburg Council."

More info here.
Posted April 11th. 2015:
Interview with Worm Aesthetics, talking about SANKE and BYOP (Bring Your Own Plant). Check it out here.


"Andreas Ervik explores the multiple relationships between humans and ecologies at different levels of subjectivity. His projects are diverse, ranging from an arranged interspecies socialising for humans and their potted plants (Bring Your Own Plant) to glossy images of natural elements as the mock luxury brand, SANKE. Ervik reveals complex layers of communication between humans and nature by unmasking the science of minuscule ecosystems of microorganisms within our bodies and the thinking behind vast cultural habits of primitive and modern civilisations and their treatment of nature."
Posted April 11th. 2015:
Posted May 27th. 2015:
I will show new work in the group show
#vaporfolk #hollyvoodoo. Sponsored by Amazon Readymades
at Lust Gallery, Wien, Austria. The exhibition opens on June 3rd, and runs until June 27th 2015.

The exhibition features: Zsófia Keresztes, Angus McCullough, Alexandra Hackett, Debora Delmar Corp, Andreas Ervik, Stephanie Syjuco, Michele Gabriele, Pau Sampera, Peter Moosgaard, Bernhard Garnicnig. Curated by Peter Mosgaard and Bernhard Garnicnig.

About the show:

"The internet tribe abandoned the global village when it started to resemble a shopping mall. After the digital natives were promised that their new ideas would lead to fame and success on global markets, they are now confronted with totalitarian networks and corporate structures. Consequently they turned their heads away from the screen. Facebook owns the copyrights to their ideas, shared infinitely to only disappear in the clouds.

(...) the internet tribe moves to the outskirts of physical production, reusing artifacts from the world of corporate mythologies. They work with concepts of the "Archaic" instead of "New", choosing to be 'poorsumers', transforming ideological waste into something magical. For them, art is a poetic freight and the trade system a collective parable of desire. By imitating commodities in almost shamanic rituals, a higher form of cargo is summoned: be it future wealth, success or even art."

Image above is a piece by Angus McCullough.
Posted June 3rd. 2015:
I am presenting SANKE as part of the event Formation Center at Toves, Copenhagen, at 8pm, 05.06.2015.

About the event:

"Budding artist entrepreneurs get the chance to bring their dreams to fruition in this hybrid exhibition and presentation at TOVES. Brace Brace, SANKE of Norway and Visualize/Actualize will present their ideas to the sharks in the tank - three titans of industry who made their own dreams a reality and turned their ideas into lucrative empires."
Pictures up from Formation Center at Toves, Copenhagen, Denmark. I presented my project SANKE. See more here.
Posted July 1st. 2015:
Published some pictures of my piece in the the exhibition #vaporfolk #hollyvooodoo Sponsored by Amazon Readymades at Lust Gallery, Wien, Austria. You can see them and read about my work here.
I am participating in the group show m-Health at Cell Project Space, London, UK. The show opens 25th of July and runs to the 2nd of August.

The exhibition features: Andreas Ervik, Ian Giles, Pablo Jones-Soler, Daniel Keller, Hannah Lees, Rachel Reupke and Jonny JJ Winter. It is curated by Femke Oortwijn.

"m-Health explores notions of social health and well-being and how these relate to our immediate environment, be it built or natural. m-Health is a site for rejuvenation and spa rituals and a place for leisure and contemplation."

Read more about the show.

At the opening date of the exhibition I will also be launching the second product line for SANKE.

Posted August 28th. 2015:
Go check out the massive update of SANKE. New products: REGN, HAV and LEIRE. There is also a video presenting the brand, which can be viewed here. The new products are currently on display as part of the m-Health show at Cell Project Space in London.
Posted July 28th. 2015:
Posted some pictures from my work in the group exhibition m-Health show at Cell Project Space in London. See the images here. The exhibition was reviewed at This is Tomorrow and atractivoquenobello. Here's an extract from the latter:

"For m-Health, and live all afternoon on that initial Saturday, Ervik presents and launches the new range alongside a slow, serene promo-video that is fixed to the wall elegantly. SANKE makes you think of the forest. That deep thought alone can work to re-configure something quite animal in you: a bit like when you take a proper and full breath, once in a while"
Posted November 3rd. 2015:
I am pleased to announce a new show at Palais de Beaux Arts in Vienna, Austria. The show opens on the 12th of November, and runs until the 15th of December. From the press release:

"While artists have a long history of investigating the imagery of commerce, and corporations commission artists to upvalue their products, never before has the company itself been granted individual artistic agency. As a former high-end fashion publishing house turned proto-institutional construction, the Palais des Beaux Arts is the perfect location to consider the emergence of a deeper relation between luxury, fashion and artistic production.

Introducing the avant-luxury brand SANKE, from the Norwegian word meaning 'to gather'. SANKE offers health, beauty and vibrance. The unique luxury items from this company are gathered according to seasonal availability and handcrafted after artisan traditions. By reviving evolutionary principles of health, SANKE provides the body with what it has always needed, offering its customers the opportunity to experience life as ought to be."

Read more at Palais de Beaux Arts.
Posted October 28th. 2014:
Open Your Kimono commissioned me to make a webpage. I have created a luxury brand, SANKE, and set up a webstore for it. We will launch sometime next month with products for sale.

More info about SANKE:

"The Norwegian word sanke, means to gather. SANKE is an avant-luxury brand, offering products gathered and prepared according to knowledge passed along since prehistory.

SANKE lets you connect with ancient wisdom to restore harmony and health. Never before has the forefront of luxury been so attuned with our deep past.

Online store opening soon."

More info and images here.

Posted November 17th. 2015:
Go check out some new SANKE-products over at, including a sparkling, probiotic alcohol-free elderflower drink, and the first SANKE merchandize.
Launching today, via Dis Magazine, the online exhibition Swimminal Poolitics. Curated by Grégoire Blunt and Emmy Skensved, the show features Adam Cruces, Andreas Ervik, Daniel Keller, Felix Kalmenson, Kolaza + Sapija, Michelangelo Corsaro, Sandra Mujinga, Tilman Hornig, Valinia Svoronou.
Posted December 6th. 2015:
Have a look at some pictures from the SANKE events arranged in conjunction with the show at Palais de Beaux Arts, Vienna, running from 12.11.15-15.12.15.
Posted January 18th. 2016:
I wrote a text for Sverre Strandberg's photobook Plants and Animals, released by Kerber Verlag. If you are in Oslo, come to the release at Kunstnernes hus, Friday 22nd of January.