Andreas Ervik (b. 1987), based in Oslo, Norway.

BA in Aesthetic studies, University of Oslo, 2009-2012. Currently studying for a masters in Aesthetics, University of Oslo, 2012-

Solo exhibitions
                Intimate Knowledge
-  The Toolshed, Frome, UK
                Learning to Love my Life as a Non-Player                 Character
- Wizard Gallery, Oslo, Norway
                Magic Potion
- Oslo, Norway
                Philophopherph Phone
- Sound of Mu, Oslo,                 Norway

Group exhibitions
                Bring Your Own Plant -
Wizard Gallery, Oslo,                 Norway (upcoming)
                Royal Garden 5 -
Credac, Ivry, France         
                Multinatural Histories -
Harvard's Museum of                 Natural History, Harvard, USA
                Blog Re-Blog
, Signal Gallery, New York, USA
                The Sunday Curators
- SWG3, Glasgow, UK
                Noho Next Showcase -
Sight Unseen, New                 York, USA
                Brand Innovations for Ubiquitous Authorship
-                  Carroll/Fletcher, London, UK
                After School Special: Følsomme gutter 3 -                 
Landmark, Bergen, Norway
                An Arrangement in White
- XO Gallery, Leeds,                 UK
                Decenter Armory
, Abrons Arts Center, NYC
                The Jogging: Re:Mixology
- Stadium NYC,                 Miami, USA
-  Revison Arts, New York, USA
                Den nye ironien
- Oslo, Norway

Publications, prints and cover art
                Disturber Issue 3:Still Life -
                Kulturo #36: Maskiner -
                2Kool4Skool -
Berlin, Germany
                Art Papers (July/August issue),
                Ad Book
- Badlands Unlimited, USA
                Bad Thoughts -
Metal Postcard, Australia
                Digital Permutations
- Monoqi, Germany
                Learning to Love my Life as a Non-Player                 Character -
Self published
                O Fluxo 01: Circulating Forms of Reality -                 
                Skyway (s/t)
                Pretty Ugly: Visual Rebellion in Design
-                 Gestalten Verlag, Germany
                Cuticle: Mother Rhythm Earth Memory
- Not                 Not Fun, USA
                Traum Noir #3-4 -
                HidDeN FOoT no. 1
- Bergen Kunsthall,                 Norway
                Quattro Formaggi
- The Crystal Beach,                 Germany
                Ecstatic Boredom -
Self published
                Philophopherph Phone
- Svartkonst, Sweden
                Midnight Pizza
- <3, New Zealand
                The Rest is Secret
- Self published

Features and interviews
                Dazed Digital
                I Like This Art
                Sight Unseen
                Make Space
                The Trendnet
                Waterfall Zine
                O Fluxo
                I Like This Blog
My work will be part of the event Multinatural Histories, at the Harvard Museum of Natural History on October 12th. 2013. The exhibition is organized in part by the nonhuman initiative at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and supported by the Harvard Office for the Arts.

"Featuring local and international artists, the departure point for the exhibition the increasing deployment of the idea of the multinatural to circumvent the realist/relativist impasses generated at the end of the 20th century and the declaration on many fronts to "an end of nature". The term multinatural is widely understood to originate with Eduardo Viveiros de Castro and his description of animistic ontologies of indigenous populations in the Amazon rain forest. Within such a multinatural ontology, the material world shares a universal culture of life and vitality, conditioned by a peculiar, multiple, set of physiological attributes. In de Castro's words, employing the notion of perspective, so fundamental to a modern, rationalist organization of space, "a perspective is not a representation because representations are a property of the mind or spirit, whereas the point of view is located in the body". In other words, a point of view and the peculiar corporal circumstances that enable it,  creates a subject, not an object."

Read more here.
Posted September 9th. 2013:
My pieceOffice Nostalgia, which was commisioned for Art Papers's July/August issue, is now up on my webpage.
Posted October 3rd. 2013:


portalen portalen

digital permutations


I am included in the exhibition Vegetal Passion @ the Crédac website. About the show:

"The online exhibition Vegetal Passion sees the exhibition space as the natural milieu of works of art. The artist and curator duo It's Our Playground (Camille Le Houezec & Jocelyn Villemont) has imagined this 5th installment of Royal Garden as an ambiguous jungle in which visitors will find artists' pieces, archival photographs and images gleaned from the internet, all shown side by side without any obvious hierarchy. (...)"
Posted January 16th. 2014:
Posted February 4th. 2014:
It is time to re-evaluate the boundaries of the human organism. The human body is mediation, not as a one way movement from the environment to the subject, but by diverging processes in constant circulation. Biological streams of food, bacteria, virus and parasites produce physical conditions, creating possibilities and restrictions for the development and functionality of bodies.

The process of becoming human is always a becoming-with, where relating precedes identity. Instead of a uniform structure, the human is an aggregation of different scales, different organisms. These levels include multiple cognitive layers, turning the human into an ecology, a super-organism.  I am working towards the possibility of self-infection. This is a strategy of generously opening oneself towards the other, accepting it as a violent gift. From this opening unexpected, non-intentional transformations might occur.
Posted February 12th. 2014:
Image & sound produced for

" is an alternative anti-stress online project by Joey Villemont, set up to create a soothing atmosphere and expel anxiety of digital platform use".
Posted April 22nd. 2014:
I will be giving a lecture about my blogging practice over at Portalen Portalen for the Lewis & Clark Art Week in Portland, Oregon, US on thursday the 24th of May.