The Compact Disc was - and in many respects still is - an every day, archetypical post-modern object. It's functional, simple execution once purveyed future and progress, but within our current economy of file sharing the compact disc no longer has any apparent use. It has become a relic of a bygone era.

CDCD, 2012
For the exhibition Revision Arts 02: Metamorphosis, december 2012.

CDs were once doubly new - fresh in plastic gloss and functionality, but they are now filthy in two ways - symbolic as unecessary, unwanted and literally as they are left unused on shelves, collecting dust. Reflecting the storage discs slide from one end of the extreme to the other, the jewel cases in this series are filled alternately with clean (tooth paste, anti-acne cream, shaving cream, detergent) and dirty substances (mud, mold growth, decomposing flowers).
Through the artistic process the compact disc is lifted out of the simple linear understanding of history as a progression from the old to the new, showing how the jewel case contains other types of information as well. The sterile, anti-human design did not obstruct our desire to once possess it, rather it played to our own disgust of our organic nature. But clean things never stay that way very long - when we touch the Compact Disc we immediately destroy the spell, tainting the light deffracting surface with our finger print, affecting the laser head's otherwise faultless reading.